Passion, Purpose and Fulfillment

Who am I?

Anyone else get to a point in their life where they asked themselves that very question? Maybe you are there right now!

After having my first kid over 8 years ago, I completely got consumed with what I thought it meant to be a Mom! This ideal picture I had in my head of what I dreamed it would be like when I was 10 years old and playing with dolls. I created stories based on things I saw around me- particularly from my own Mom! In my opinion she is an incredible role model, always there and never let me want for anything! She taught be the values and beliefs that all shaped who I was up to that point of having my own kids.

But man did motherhood hit me like a ton of bricks. I was struggling to keep it all straight. How did my Mom do it all- and do it all so well? So many other things came into play of things other people would say to me or not accepting me for who I was for so many years- I just totally felt like I was failing. Failing as a mom, as a wife—at life. I kept going and made the best out of everything I could, but something still felt missing.

One day, I just couldn’t take it anymore! Ten years into my marriage and two kids later- I had just turned 40! I took a step out of that swirling vortex called life and realized I was missing the best years of my life because of the stories I created and letting other people’s opinions of me affect who I was. SO, I stopped!

I started digging- I worked with a friend/coach to talk about my strengths. Instead of working to fix my weaknesses and the things that are “wrong” with me, I wanted to focus on using the characteristics and talents that God gave me to create the impact I wanted to have on this world. What I found was- the person I had been all along was exactly who I needed to be regardless of what others were saying. If I went back to being that person I would be able to fulfill the PURPOSE that I was put on Earth to serve! On top of that… BONUS- it would serve the PASSIONs that I have had all along (that I buried because I thought I had to fill some mold).  

I remember, for years, hearing from my friends, “I prayed, and God told me X, Y, and Z!” or “God gave me this sign to show me what I needed to do.” I remember telling Eric- “I pray and I have faith, but God isn’t telling me anything.” What I realized after a lot of hard work (day in and day out)- is that God always talks to us- we just have to open our heart, minds, eyes and ears to be able to accept what He is saying. Ever since I realized that—the signs, the thoughts, the incredible-ness that is life keeps pouring in!

Your PASSION AND PURPOSE (and what FULFILLS you) are awaiting to be found… You CAN find it!! Let’s stop the swirling vortex and figure out what SETS YOUR SOUL ON FIRE!!