Are you ready to break free from the golden handcuffs, reduce the stress in your life, and enjoy what you do?

I know you want to help others with their health and wellness. However, I know your current job is frustrating and stressful, and you want to quit, but you feel trapped. Trust me, I’ve been there! But it’s likely that you are confused due to the massive amount of information out there and what to do, and you likely don’t even know where to start.

About the Program

You may be thinking that you need a certification to get started. But you want to spend more time with your family and do what you love as quickly as possible.

In the IMPACT Pharmacist Online Program we will give you the secrets as to why some businesses are successful and why others fail.

In our program you will learn:

This online program provides you with the mindset, business, marketing, and strategy tools and knowledge you need in order to launch your own wellness practice that you can run on your own terms.

The truth about what is holding you back from starting a wellness practice.

Who you are going to serve and why.

How to get paid what you are worth.

What it takes to beat the competition.

How to ensure you are not the best kept secret anymore.

Dr. Asha (PharmD) and Eric Bohannon (MBA) have helped countless other pharmacists create and launch their own businesses and wellness practices across the United States. Dr. Asha has over 20 years experience in retail pharmacy, and Eric has over 10 years of experience in helping create and launch multiple million-dollar service-based businesses. Together, they have the clinical knowledge and expertise to help others just like you get out of your own way and make your dreams of being an entrepreneur a reality!

IMPACT Online Program Description

Each section is set to take about 2 weeks to complete. They contain video/audio content, worksheets and any information needed to move your entrepreneurship journey forward and in the right direction.

Section 1 - Ignite Your Mindset

Introduction to the IMPACT Online Program

Module 1 – Get out of your own way

Purpose: Helping you to shift your mindset and realize your superpowers

Module 2- Define your why and True North

Purpose: Help you to define your WHY. Why are you doing this business, and guiding principles for you!

Module 3- Manage your time

Purpose: Helping realize you can do this around your life, and give you some tools that you can use.

Section 4 - Assemble and Automate Your Services

Module 8- Create solutions that solve your customer’s needs

Purpose: This walks you through how to create services based on the niche, target market, customer persona, and competition

Module 9- Define your scope of service

Purpose: You will understand that having a clearly defined process and knowing exactly what to do and how long it will take is crucial to success

Module 10- Tools for Automating your Business

Purpose: Give tips and ideas on the tools needed to put together and automate the services

Bonus Module: Get your First Client

Purpose: You will understand how to pitch your service and get your first client in order to get feedback

Section 2 – Meet Your Customer

Module 4 – Identify and define your niche market

Purpose: You will understand what market you want to serve

Module 5- Identify your target market and create your customer persona

Purpose: You will understand the target market within the niche market identified above, and get into the mind of the customer to better understand the problem you are solving for

Section 5 - Create Your Pricing and Financial Models

Module 11- Create your pricing model

Purpose: This helps guide you through understanding how to price your services and identifying various streams of income/business models

Module 12- Create a financial plan and forecasting model

Purpose: You will be able to understand why having a sound financial plan and forecast is important to starting a business and how profitable it can become

Section 3 – Play in the Blue Ocean

Module 6- Verify that you have a viable business opportunity

Purpose: This helps you understand if the niche market and business is going to be a viable business model and opportunity

Module 7- Differentiate yourself from the competition

Purpose: This guides you through a process of understanding the competition and making sure your business is differentiated, and stands out from the competition

Section 6 - Take It to Market!

Module 13- Create your value propositions and marketing message
Purpose: You will gain an understanding of what a value proposition is and the importance of messaging to the right target market is

Module 14- Develop your marketing strategy and plan

Purpose: Finally, you will understand and learn what a marketing plan includes and how to market your business moving forward once launched, so you aren’t the best kept secret any more!

Are you ready to break free from the golden handcuffs, reduce the stress in your life, and enjoy what you do?

Start now and gain direct access to all the tools you need by subscribing online to the IMPACT Pharmacist Online Program.