In addition to our health services, PAI Wellness Group, located in Raleigh, North Carolina, provides holistic business strategy consulting and coaching services through our Center of Excellence programs.

Center of Excellence

In terms of business and marketing strategy, our program consists of the following components:

Re-Defining Your Future

We assess your current state and future vision of your company, determining long-term goals and metrics for success.

Understanding the Market and Industry

We perform market research, industry trends, SWOT analysis, and identify your market opportunity based on competition.

Defining Your Area of Expertise and Your “Niche”

We work with you to identify the area and niche for your business based on skill set and market opportunity.

Defining and Identifying Your Service Offering

We work on understanding your typical customer/buyer and identifying the service you can provide that fulfills your target customer’s need.

Determining the Scope of Service and Process

We work to determine your project plan and process for delivering an exceptional customer experience and engagement.

Value Proposition and Marketing Messaging

We will help you determine the value of your service offerings based on the outcomes you are providing for your customers. We will then craft a value proposition statement for each service offering to communicate the what, how, why, and who it is for.

Pricing Your Service Offerings
We will use a value-based pricing model to create the right price for your services based upon the value statements and outcomes delivered to your customers.
Financial Business Model
We will work to create a financial business model and forecast based on service offerings, market data, and the estimated number of customers.
Marketing and Go-to-Market Strategy

We will develop a complete go-to-market strategy for your business, including various ad campaigns, promotions, and other forms of advertising to reach your target customers. We will also discuss various options for marketing your business to bring awareness and potential customers to your business, building a pipeline and funnel on an ongoing basis.

Business Strategy Plan and LAUNCH!

We will help you complete a business strategy plan that should be revisited once or twice a year and adjusted as needed. At this point you will have officially launched your new service offerings and your company! If you have an already established company, now is the time to bring awareness, and a marketing opportunity around re-launching your business and new services available. We will discuss with you the long-term goals of your company, and the next steps to get your business out there, so you are NOT the best-kept-secret anymore!

In terms of business and marketing strategy, our program consists of the following components:

Mindset Coaching and Mentoring

We identify your passions and purpose helping to further define the right niche for you. This includes providing a clear vision and focus on how you can grow a successful business while finding the time for family and harmony in your personal life.

Various Topic Discussions

We will discuss topics such as: time management, language-detailed assistance for addressing your target audience, tools that can be used to operate your business efficiently and effectively, and other subjects as they come up in each session.

Systems and Processes
We assist in creating and set up of all systems and processes to automate as much of your business as possible.
Integration and Operation
We will also help to effectively integrate and operate other businesses that you may have allowing you to generate multiple streams of income.
We will provide accountability in the form of weekly check-ins between sessions.

We will provide weekly calls at a mutually agreed-upon date and time. You will have access to us via phone or email throughout the duration of the program.

To learn more about the Center of Excellence programs and how we can help your business succeed, schedule your consultation below